Tamashii Robataya: 12 North Canal Road #02-01 Singapore 048825. Reservations: +65 6222 0316

Press release

Tamashii means 'Soul' in Japanese and true to it's namesake, Chef-owners Patrick Tan and Max See dedicate themselves to making sure that everything they do at Tamashii is done with heart and a whole lot of soul.

The culinary duo behind Tamashii treads the fine line between tradition and innovation. Drawing inspiration from old recipes and frequent travels to Japan.

2019 is a significant year for Tamashii as we evolve and adopt a Global approach in terms of sourcing for ingredients and preparation methods with the cooking still steeped in traditional Japanese.

The new Tamashii will feature a more intimate counter dining experience based on Kappo cuisine that emphasizes the proximity between Diner and Chef who will be cutting and cooking the seasonal ingredients.

Another interesting concept to look out for will be the feature of Shabu-Shabu as part of the seasonal Omakase experience.

Seating Capacity is now at 40pax. (Counter Seats at 10pax, Private Rooms at 22 pax and Chef's table at 8pax)